To order pages and pictures from The Post-Standard of SU’s 2013 run to the FInal Four and their 2003 NCAA National Championship click here.

Full-Page Reproductions
Full-page reproductions of pages that have appeared in The Post-Standard publications from January 20, 2003 to the present date are available for purchase. They are printed on high-quality photographic paper. You will receive the reproduction exactly as it appeared in the publication. If the story you want appears on two pages, you will need to order both pages for the complete story. For pages published before 2003, contact EXTRAS!

To order a full-page reproduction, download a  full-page reproduction order form. Please complete the form, print it and sign it.

Custom Pages
You may purchase a Custom Page created just for you that includes a Post-Standard story of your choice, any photos that appeared with the story and, if needed, the continued portion of the story from another page. This will all come packaged on one page under The Post-Standard banner.

To order a custom page, download a custom page order form. Please complete the form, print it and sign it.

For assistance, price information, custom options or phone orders:
Phone: 315-470-6079 | E-mail: [email protected]