Newspaper Display Ads


The Post-Standard is published and delivered to homes and stores every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Advertisers can choose from the options below to build a program that’s best for their business.

  • Full-run ads for maximum frequency. Place your ad in a section such as Main News, Sports, Local, Weekend, and Classified.
  • Part-run ads for affordable geo-targeting. Select one or more of five zoned Neighbors sections in Onondaga County to focus on or add frequency to a certain area.

Niche publications, special sections and special programs to focus your message.

  • Healthy Central New York: a local focus on wellness, fitness, food, and more. Published six times a year.
  • Upstate Home: the style and charm of CNY shops and homes. Published three times a year.
  • MoneySaver: coupons, deals and discounts from local stores, restaurants and businesses.
  • Special Sections: dozens of themed sections throughout the year focus on Syracuse University sports, weddings, local events and more.
  • Brand Builders, Coupons, Post-Its and more: unique positions and programs put ads that work to work for your business.

For more information, email or call the Customer Contact Center at 315-470-0032 or 315-470-2088.