Social Media Marketing


Your customers use Social Media everyday to stay connected with friends, family, coworkers, and – increasingly – the brands, products and services that are relevant to their everyday lives. Syracuse Media Group is here to help you build a successful social media presence, and take full advantage of an exciting opportunity to connect and engage with new and existing customers.

According to a 2012 industry report, 85% of those surveyed indicated that their social media marketing efforts led to an increase in exposure for their business, with 69% reporting an increase in website traffic. In addition, 58% stated that their social media marketing plans helped to generate leads and grow a loyal fan base.1

Our experts can help your build business profiles on Facebook, Twitter Google+, and YouTube. From Account set up to on-going profile management, we can design a social media marketing strategy to keep your brand in front of your target audience.

A Social Media Optimization (SMO) program with Syracuse Media Group can help you:

  • Build your brand online and positively impact your online reputation
  • Connect and interact with a highly engaged audience of local consumers where they are already spending much of their time
  • Quickly and effectively communicate your marketing message to keep new and existing customers informs and up-to-date on your business

To get started building a successful social media presence today, contact your Syracuse Media Group sales representative.