Digital Advertising

We deliver your message to the audience that’s ready for it.

Syracuse Media Group offers flexible, cost-effective digital marketing options to get your message in front of your target audience. Looking for a campaign focused on Central New York? Whether on desktop PC or on mobile devices, impression campaigns that run on will put your brand in front of nearly 5 million monthly unique visitors. Looking to reach a larger, nationwide audience of consumers? Use our national ad networks to reach millions of people while they browse and shop online. You can even re-message readers who’ve seen your ad or website. With our premier ad network, you can reach your target customer on over 178,000 websites across the United States. But why stop there? We can reach your audience, on any device, anywhere in the world. You can target consumers by where they live, age, their gender, household income, career, online and offline behaviors and interests such as the type of stories they read, the mobile devices they’re using, the stores they shop, or the games they play.

Your customers have gone mobile. Have you?

According to a study on cell phone use in the U.S.1, “90% of U.S. adults own a cell phone of some kind, and more than half of these cell owners (58%) use their phone to go online.” As of right now, Syracuse Media Group engages with 3.1M mobile visitors each month2.  Those visitors generate an average of 28 Million page views every month on syracuse.com2. Reach and interact with this highly-engaged audience anytime, anywhere with our mobile advertising campaigns. Banner ads on the mobile website or apps can help you build a solid mobile marketing foundation. Not only can our in-house design team produce your mobile ad creative, we will also build a customized mobile landing page for your campaign.  The best way to keep mobile consumers interested and engaged is to make sure your website is optimized for mobile browsing.  We also offer an array of mobile marketing solutions to help your business succeed in the mobile landscape – we can build you a responsive website, or turn your current website into a mobile version quickly and cost-effectively.

You name it. We deliver.

Our solutions include:

Need your ad designed? Our design dream-team will put together the perfect ad creative to help meet your business goal – at no extra cost.

Whatever you need, we work with you to make sure we design the most effective way to reach the customers you need. That’s just the beginning. The fun is when we work with you to analyze your campaign results and ensure you’re getting the most for your marketing dollars.

To learn more about our digital advertising solutions, contact a digital marketing consultant today.
Sources: (1. Pew Internet & American Life Project, “Cell Internet Use 2012″), (2. Adobe Marketing Cloud – Q1 2015)